Tamar Myers's Baroque and Desperate: A Den of Antiquity Mystery PDF

By Tamar Myers

ISBN-10: 0061348384

ISBN-13: 9780061348389

ISBN-10: 0380802252

ISBN-13: 9780380802258

In a Treasure-Laden Mansion

Unflappable and inventive, Abigail Timberlake, vintage broker and proprietor of Charlotte, North Carolina's Den of Antiquity, is determined by her wisdom and savvy to authenitcate the proof from the fakes by way of both curios or humans. Her services makes Abby helpful to tremendously good-looking Tradd Maxwell Burton, filthy rich scion of the popular Latham relations. He wishes her to figure out the main worthy merchandise within the Latham mansion after which break up the proceeds of it along with her. A treasure hunt in an antique-filled manor? All Abby can say is "let the video games begin."

It's tricky to maintain Help

Accompanied by way of her top female friend, C.J., Abby arrives on the property and is met with cool reserve, if no downright rudeness, from the contributors of the Latham extended family. attempting to perform Tradd's request, Abby unearths that she might reduce the loved ones stress with a knife. yet an individual has crushed her to it via stabbing a maid to dying with an old kris. abruptly all eyes are on C.J., whose fingerprints occur to be everywhere in the homicide weapon. it really is as much as Abby to take advantage of her knack for detecting forgeries to reveal the pretend alibi of the real killer.

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