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By Robert S. Kaplan, David P. Norton

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153. As Jacques Maritain observed, a “person possesses rights because of the very fact that it is a person, a whole, master of itself and of its acts, and which consequently is not merely a means to an end, but an end, and end which must be treated as such …. There are things which are owed to man because of the very fact that he is man …. ” Maritain, 1943, p. 65. ” Hence, each individual has a “right to the pursuit of the perfection of rational and moral human life. ” He pointed out, however, that “if this religious path goes so very far afield that it leads to acts repugnant to natural law and the security of the State, the latter has the right to interdict and apply sanctions against these acts.

Boyle, 1996, p. 47. Several theocentric natural law just war thinkers, including St Ambrose and St Augustine, asserted that wars on behalf of and commanded by God were just. Finnes, 1996, pp. 20–24; Johnson, 1975, pp. 6, 8–9, 36–38, 47–53, 57–59, 78, 100–101; 160, 169, 260; Lammers, 1990, p. 62; Johnson, 1991, pp. 7–8; Eppstein, 1935, p. 67; Elbe, 1939, pp. 666–667. Elbe, 1939, pp. 674–675; Johnson, 1991, p. 18. See also Johnson, 1975, pp. 154, 157–158, 166. Theocentric Natural Law and Just War Doctrine 25 44 Johnson, 1975, pp.

Hence, given man’s essential social nature, the various component elements within the community, as well as the larger community itself, that human beings join of their own volition, are seen as legitimate in their own right and necessary to human fulfillment, independent of the existence of the state. Hensel, 2004, pp. 30–32; Rommen, 1948, pp. 68, 73, 77, 81–82, 220, 238, 241, 243–244; Maritain, 1943, pp. 6–7, 9, 13, 19–22, 24, 39–47, 80, 82, 85, 87. ” Maritain, 1943, p. 7. Hensel, 2004, pp. 32–33; Rommen, 1948, p.

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