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I If on the l4th day the mo[on and sun are seenl together: speech wilt become reliable; lthe land will become] happy; the gods fwill rememberl the land favorably; joy among the troops; the ki[ng will become] happy; the cattle of the land will lliel in the sreppe undisturbed. If the moon and sun aıe in balance: the land will become stable; reliable speech will be placed in the mouth of people; üe king will make his tfuone last long. ı If the moon and sun are in opposition: the king of the land will widen his understanding.

If] the moon ldoes not wait] for the sun lbut sets]: raging of lion[s and wolves]. a On the 15th day they wi[l be seen] 5 The sighting of Sat[urn is a good sign] for the king my loıd. 7 From Nabü-ahhe-eriba. 40. BI 1 on the 13th ,'ıı4 KUR Dü. J. 2 If the sun stands in the halo of the moon: in all lands (people) will speak the truth; the son will speak the truth with his faüer; universal peace. , -675 Feb. , oI -674 Mar. (correct LAs II App. J)' - 3 R 59,9 (copy). DaIe: -673 Apr. (see LAS II App.

Rest broken away (Break) Rev. \,fl] ıi-İe-taq la i-İö-k|an] will] be seen together with will let lthe eclipse] pass by, it will [The moon the sun, it not make (it). KıN? UD-13 KAM 3 From Nab0-ahhe-eriba. a lElull (VI),13th day. 43. 1 2 3 4 5 1 nag-bi uD NU Sft drM is-si - i - mu i - If it rains in Ab (V): fall of people. r't If a west storm rises: fall of the Westlaııd. 3 If Adad thunders twice: the land which has sent you hostile messages will send you messages of peace. 23 (see LAS II ADD. Dale: -671 Aug.

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