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By Alexander Ollongren

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In linguistics, one of many major components of contemporary study comprises the functions and probabilities of there being a "lingua cosmica," a LINCOS, a common language that may be used to speak with non-human intelligences. This ebook touches at the region of the improvement and use of a "lingua universalis" for interstellar communique, however it additionally provides thoughts that disguise a huge quarter of linguistics. Chomsky's paradigm on common houses of typical languages, for a very long time a number one common conception of normal languages, comprises the powerful assumption that people are born with a few form of universals kept of their brains. Are there universals of this type of language utilized by clever beings and societies in different places within the universe? we don't understand no matter if such languages exist. it kind of feels to be very unlikely to figure out, just because the universe is just too huge for an exhaustive seek. Even verification should be demanding to acquire, with out rather a lot of good fortune. This e-book makes use of astrolinguistic ideas in message development and is useful in clarifying and giving point of view to discussions on existential questions equivalent to those.

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Is-maybe-true = [h : value](ELIM h [] []nil []). FACT is-maybe-not : value → Prop. is-maybe-not = [h : value](ELIM h [] [] [] []nil). By means of the mechanism explained one can verify that any two selectors occurring in this inductive definition are unequal: leibniz is applied. For example, showing that maybe-false and maybe-not are unequal, is done like this FACT uneq-maybe-false-maybe-not : ~(Eq maybe-false maybe-not). uneq-maybe-false-maybe-not = (leibniz value is-maybe-false maybe-false maybe-not).

1 : (S f g x) → (f x (g x)). [H : (S f g x)] (ELIM H [f : Set → Set → Set; g : Set → Set; x : Set)](f x (g x)) ) = (S f g x) → (f x (g x)). In order to prove (f x (g x)) → (S f g x) we need inductive definitions for f and g in the same way as given for S. INDUCTIVE f [x, y : Set] : Set := f-intro : (f x y). INDUCTIVE g [x : Set] : Set := g-intro : (g x). For the selectors f_intro : (x,y :Set)(f x y). g_intro : (x : Set)(g x) and as we have seen s-Intro : (f : Set → Set → Set; g : Set → Set; x : Set)(S f g x).

Eq-intro supplied with arguments can of course be used in applications. As an example consider the following fact expressing that equality over Prop is a transitive relation. 8 : (X:Prop; x, y : X)((Eq X x y) → (z : X)(Eq X y z) → (Eq X x z)) ). 8 : (X:Prop; x, y, z : X)((Eq X x y) /\ (Eq X y z)) → (Eq X x z). 8 = [X : Prop; x, y : X; h : (Eq X x y)] (ELIM h [z : X; h1 : (Eq X y z)](ELIM h1 [] (Eq-intro X x z)) ). In the first ELIM z and h1 are auxiliary local variables, in fact assumptions, to be used in the second ELIM.

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