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Whether you are in highschool or scientific university, CliffsQuickReview Anatomy and body structure should help know the way your physique is outfitted and the various capabilities it plays. This consultant introduces every one subject, defines keyword phrases, and thoroughly walks you thru every one pattern challenge step by step. very quickly, you will be able to take on different ideas during this publication such as

  • Cell division
  • Organization of the skeletal system
  • Nervous approach organization
  • Hormones
  • Immune process and different physique defenses
  • Reproductive system

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Each cell contains half the number of chromosomes, and each chromosome consists of only one chromatid. Meiosis ends with four haploid daughter cells, each with half the number of chromosomes (one chromosome from each homologous pair). These are gametes—that is, eggs and sperm. The fusing of an egg and sperm, fertilization (syngamy), gives rise to a diploid cell, the zygote. The singlecelled zygote then divides by mitosis to produce a multicellular embryo fetus, and after nine months, a newborn infant.

A Golgi apparatus (Golgi complex or Golgi body) is a group of flattened sacs arranged like a stack of bowls. They function to modify and package proteins and lipids into vesicles, small, spherically shaped sacs that bud from the ends of a Golgi apparatus. Vesicles often migrate to and merge with the plasma membrane, releasing their contents outside of the cell. ■ Lysosomes are vesicles from a Golgi apparatus that contain digestive enzymes. They break down food, cellular debris, and foreign invaders such as bacteria.

The nucleus also serves as the site for the separation of chromosomes during cell division. ■ The endoplasmic reticulum, or ER, consists of stacks of flattened sacs involved in the production of various materials. In cross-section, they appear as a series of mazelike channels, often closely associated with the nucleus. When ribosomes are present, the ER (called rough ER) attaches polysaccharide groups to polypeptides as they are assembled by the ribosomes. Smooth ER, without ribosomes, is responsible for various activities, including the synthesis of lipids and hormones, especially in cells that produce these substances for export from the cell.

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