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The suggestion of uniform rectifiability of units (in a Euclidean space), which emerged just recently, should be considered in different other ways. it may be seen as a quantitative and scale-invariant alternative for the classical inspiration of rectifiability; because the solution (sometimes in basic terms conjecturally) to yes geometric questions in complicated and harmonic research; as a which guarantees the parametrizability of a given set, with estimates, yet with a few holes and self-intersections allowed; and as an available baseline for info in regards to the constitution of a collection. This booklet is ready knowing uniform rectifiability of a given set by way of the approximate habit of the set at so much destinations and scales. as well as being the single basic reference to be had on uniform rectifiability, this publication additionally poses many open difficulties, a few of that are really easy.

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The point of a measurement problem is not what the measurement is; it’s how to figure out what it is. The answer to the question about the diagonal of _ a square is not √2; it’s the mosaic design. ) 50 M E A S U R E M E N T The solution to a math problem is not a number; it’s an argument, a proof. We’re trying to create these little poems of pure reason. Of course, like any other form of poetry, we want our work to be beautiful as well as meaningful. Mathematics is the art of explanation, and consequently, it is difficult, frustrating, and deeply satisfying.

So the area of a rectangle is just the product of its sides. It doesn’t matter whether the sides come out even or not. What about the area of a triangle? My favorite way to think about it is to imagine a rectangular box built around the triangle. It turns out that the area of the triangle is always half that of the rectangle. Do you see why? Why does a triangle take up exactly half of its box? What happens to the area of the triangle as we slide the tip horizontally? What if it goes past the sides of the box?

The point is that these two big squares are identical; they both have sides equal to the two sides of the rectangle added together. In particular, this means that the two mosaics have the same total area. Now, if we remove the four triangles from each, the remaining areas must also match, so the two smaller squares really do take up exactly as much space as the larger one. c a b Let’s call the sides of the rectangle a and b and the diagonal c. 48 M E A S U R E M E N T Then the square of side a together with the square of side b has the same total area as the square of side c.

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