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By Vernon Cooray (auth.)

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This booklet approximately lightning summarizes the essence of physics and results of lightning in a non-technical demeanour and gives an up to date description of the phenomenon of lightning in basic language. beginning with the myths relating to lightning, the reader is brought to the mechanism of lightning flashes and their interactions with people, human-made platforms and Earth’s setting. many of the to be had books on lightning are written for the specialists within the box and there's a want for a ebook that introduces the undergraduate and starting put up graduate scholars to the topic of lightning and prepares them for extra complicated books intended for the specialists. This introductory publication, that is according to a sequence of lectures given to undergraduate and postgraduate scholars in electric engineering, is meant to fill this desire. adapted to the wishes of collage scholars who plan to check electric engineering, meteorology, environmental or easy physics, it's also a precious reference source for laymen who're drawn to understanding extra in this phenomenon.

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6 Ampere’s Law and the Magnetic Field due to a Long Conductor 35 the surface of the ground at a horizontal distance D from the point charge is (see Fig. 6 À qh 2πε0 D2 þ h2 Á3=2 : ð3:15Þ Ampere’s Law and the Magnetic Field due to a Long Conductor Ampere’s law relates the line integral of the B-field or the H-field around a closed path to the electric current I passing through the closed path (Fig. 6): I B  dl ¼ μ0 I: ð3:16Þ l In the above equation the letter ‘l’ on the integral sign denotes that it is a line integral and the circle indicates that it is performed around a closed path.

Plenum Press, New York 5. Marode E (1975) The Mechanism of Spark Breakdown in Air at Atmospheric Pressure between a Positive Point to Plane. J Appl Phys 46:2005–2020 6. Les Renardie´res Group (1977) Positive discharges in long air gaps at Les Renardie´res-1975 results. Electra 53:31–153 7. Les Renardie´res Group (1981) Negative discharges in long air gaps at Les Renardie´res-1978 results. Electra 74:67–216 8. Gao L, Larsson A, Cooray V, Scuka V (2000) Simulation of streamer discharges as finitely conducting channels.

The length of the streamers, is described in the next section. In the situation described previously, both avalanches and streamer discharges are found in the high field region surrounding the conductor. 6 Extension and Charge of Streamer Discharge 17 for that matter) when the background electric field continues to increase with time as happens, for example, just before a lightning strike. As the electric field continues to increase, first electron avalanches are created in the vicinity of the conductor tip.

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