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By V. K. Smirnov (auth.), Julius T. Tou (eds.)

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Information structures technology is advancing in numerous instructions with fast strides. Many various rules and methodologies were revised and prolonged. various new innovations and ways were con­ ceived and built. a few fresh advances are coated during this sequence. The fourth quantity of this sequence presents in-depth discussions of a few newly built theories and methods referring to computing device language-level augmentation, time-sharing structures, textual content enhancing structures, grammars and automata, and mistake correcting codes in machine mathematics. In bankruptcy 1, V. ok. Smirnov offers an authoritative assessment of the augmentation of desktop language point. He discusses the consequences of ex­ stress of laptop features upon computer language and the effect of improvement of software program structures upon the augmentation of computing device language point. a few particular methods of augmenting the computing device language point are tested. the matter of data association, garage, seek, and retrieval in a working laptop or computer is studied. The creation of higher-level languages has inspired frequent functions of desktops. Formal language conception has been famous as a subject offundamental significance within the research of data platforms technology. In bankruptcy 2, M. A. Harrison examines the phrase-structure grammars, definitely the right linear grammars, the context-free grammars, the LR(k) grammars, and the context-sensitive grammars. the writer discusses the kinfolk among mathematical versions of desktops and a kinfolk of formal lan­ guages. The language conception might stimulate new rules for the augmentation of computer language level.

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Improved mechanism of subroutine calls. 32 Augmentation of Machine Language Level [Chapter 1 In the B6500jB7500 computers, the addressing of variables is done by means of address pairs. Address pairs reflect the lexicographic structure of the program. Since the lexicographic structure of the program does not change in the course of its execution, the forming of address pairs can be accomplished in the process of compilation. An address pair consists of two parts, namely a lexicographic level of a variable and an index.

As we can see, the preceding sentence is filled with words that have not 39 40 On the Relation between Grammars and Automata [Chapter 2 yet been defined carefully. We shall use the rest of this section to give some of the basic definitions which are needed in dealing with this subject. Suppose that E is any finite, nonempty set. We often call E an alphabet and say that the elements of E are letters. For k > 0, we write x = a 1 ••• ak, where each ai E E, and say that x is a word. More concisely, a word is a finite-length E-sequence.

2, a is the name of some set of elements, and 1 and 2 are indexes. The first index specifies an element in set a. The element itself can specify some subset. Then, the next index specifies an element of that subset, and so on. Thus, the first element of the compound name defines the trunk of a tree, and the indexes coming next its branches. A set may consists of numeric elements, code words, instructions, or elements of mixed type. Figure 9 shows the structure of a three-dimensional array described as a tree by means of code words.

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