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By Frederic Raphael

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From the acclaimed biographer, screenwriter, and novelist Frederic Raphael, this is an audacious historical past of Josephus (37–c.100), the Jewish common became Roman historian, whose emblematic betrayal is a touchstone for the Jew by myself within the Gentile world.
Joseph ben Mattathias’s transformation into Titus Flavius Josephus, historian to the Roman emperor Vespasian, is a gripping and dramatic tale. His existence, within the arms of Frederic Raphael, turns into some extent of departure for an appraisal of Diasporan Jews looking a spot within the dominant cultures they inhabit. Raphael brings a scholar’s rigor, a historian’s viewpoint, and a novelist’s mind's eye to this venture. He is going past the interesting info of Josephus’s existence and his singular literary achievements to ascertain how Josephus has been seen by way of posterity, discovering in him the prototype for the un-Jewish Jew, the assimilated highbrow, and the abiding apostate: the recurrent figures within the lengthy centuries of the Diaspora. Raphael’s insightful images of  Yehuda Halevi, Baruch Spinoza, Karl Kraus, Benjamin Disraeli, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and Hannah Arendt expand and remove darkness from the Josephean worldview Raphael so eloquently lays out.

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In addition to the province of Africa that Rome created from the ruins around Carthage (roughly modern Tunisia), she acquired Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica and Spain (which she divided into two provinces: Nearer Spain and Further Spain). And from her campaigns over the Hellenistic kingdoms of the Greek East, Rome had gained control of Macedonia (including Greece) and Illyria (former Yugoslavia). Rome’s conquest of both the eastern and western territories was further increased in 133 bc, when she acquired Pergamum in the rich province of Asia.

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