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By Joan G. Fairweather

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The Mohawks and the Cayugas were pro-British, while the Oneidas and Tuskaroras sided with the Americans. The Seneca and Onondaga were split between the two warring factions. Yet despite the price the Iroquois Confederacy paid in lives and unity, the Peace of Paris (783) concluded the American War of Independence without mentioning the Indian nations at all. Under the terms of the Treaty, their lands were simply divided up between the two European nations without reference to the inhabitants, allies or otherwise.

But the rampant use of alcohol and dagga (marijuana) is a sign of the dislocation and loss that afflict so many indigenous communities worldwide. According to the army doctor at Schmidtsdrift, children as young as twelve are addicted to alcohol. Xhu Traditional Council, points out one of the primary causes for the social dissolution: A lot of our culture is lost in our lives … like the old stories that were told by mothers and fathers who would go into the bush and then return to tell the others what they had seen.

The difference between the Hottentot Proclamation and North America’s Royal Proclamation of 763 is striking. Despite both being instruments of British colonial administration, the North American 38 a common hunger ◉ Part One : Dispossesion proclamation recognized the inherent rights of indigenous inhabitants to their land while the Khoikhoi were denied even the freedom to move from one part of their country to another. ⁴⁰ As landless wanderers, the Khoikhoi were subject to yet another piece of legislation.

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