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People's everchanging life result in increasingly more requisites for the final characteristics of homes, and the calls for for flats have marched in the direction of the mental size and cultural sphere. therefore, there come up new layout traits and new specifications for atmosphere, fabric choice and layout notion. The layout initiatives during this ebook lead readers to understand the relief and cosiness of the usual house. The designers of those initiatives have created extra usual, and handy dwelling areas within the such a lot usual and purest layout languages, giving them a complete and shiny clarification of the structure layout idea that structures are created for individuals.

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Patio 一层平面图 开放的楼梯踏板越过楼梯承墙悬挂于空中,使客厅显得更加宽敞明亮。开阔的空间、金属栏杆和部分区域 6. 车库 1. 入口门廊 7. 食品储藏室 的去除保证了室内充足的光线,并在上下层之间形成了愉快的互动。陈列柜和开架书库搭配使用来展示业 2. 客厅 8. 餐厅 主夫妇多年来收集的艺术品和工艺品。粗糙的石头和木头与玻璃和金属材料的精心搭配为这栋曾经被人们 3. 盥洗室 9. 图书馆 忽视的建筑注入了新生命。 4. 更衣室 10. 天井 5. 厨房 1. The transparent glass window 2. The wooden dinning-table and the bar become the protagonist of the space 3. The brunet façade radiates the unaffected glamour 1. 通透的玻璃窗 2. 木质的餐桌和吧台,成为空间的主角 3. 深色的外观,呈现质朴的魅力 1 2 3 58~59 1 2 1 7 First Floor Plan 1. Bedroom 1 2. Bathroom 3.

Nurse’s room 4. Storage 5. Loggia 6. Bedroom Entry 7. Master’s Bedroom 8. Balcony 9. Bathroom 10. Water Closet 11. Dressing Room 12. Accessible Roof Area 13. Children Playground 14. Children Room 15. Ante-room 16. Staff Kitchen 17. Staff Room 18. Guard Room 二层平面图 1. 入口 2. 主人办公室 3. 保姆房间 4. 仓库 5. 凉廊 6. 卧室入口 7. 主卧室 8. 阳台 9. 浴室 10. 卫生间 11. 更衣室 12. 有通道的屋顶 13. 儿童活动区 14. 儿童房 15. 前室 16. 员工厨房 17. 员工房间 18. 警卫室 106~107 2 1. The bedroom where you can catch sight of the heaven through the window 2-3. The brunet bathroom furniture and the oak floor maintain the visual peace 1.

The living room with an appearance made of a large glass cube 2. 客厅,有着巨大的玻璃立方体外观 80~81 1 First Floor Plan 1. Living Room 2. Toilet 3. Media Room 3 2 1 2 二层平面图 1. The dinning room where the crystal pendant lamp with a strong artistic sense becomes the visual focus 2. The advanced massage bathtub in the main bathroom is decorated with immersive spotlight 3. The master bedroom 1. 客厅 1. 餐厅,颇具艺术感的水晶吊灯成为视觉的焦点 2. 卫生间 2. 主浴室中高级按摩浴缸中装有沉浸式的射灯 3. 媒体室 3. 7 Photographer: David Franck Photographie 项目地点:德国,斯图加特 设计师:COAST建筑事务所 项目面积:151平方米 竣工时间:2006年7月 摄影师:大 卫·弗兰克 T-Bone House The T-Bone House stands in the open countryside surrounded by a field of fruit trees.

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